SuperTakkun -Furious Surfing-

( *`ω´) 激烈すぎるサーフィンゲーム登場!

「スーパーたっくん -激烈サーフィン-」ヽ( ´ー`)丿

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今回はたっくんがサーフィンに挑戦したぞ!サーフィンといっても予想通り(?)普通のサーフィンじゃないから気が抜けないぞ! 激烈過ぎるサーフィンゲームの登場です。




[How to play]

hit the clay pipe and rock the game is over. Tap lower side of the player, avoid moving to the left or right.Bullet bazooka will be fired when you tap the monster.  In some cases you can beat with a single shot, there is also the case the number shots necessary. And Let’s note while the player is riding the wave, that the controls are ineffective. Player will not be able to attack.Jellyfish point will be added and defeat the jellyfish. Combo point will be added ,defeat the jellyfish of the same color in a row. (Scoring, jellyfish point three times) Life decreases when I hit the monster, let’s be careful. When life becomes zero, it is game over. Let’s catch without missing, when you find a heart. (Life is restored) When the jellyfish point reaches a certain numbers, player level up and defense force is up. (Player of the costumes also change!) And earn coins, you can get a powerful weapon, and attack power is up.  Let’s power up playing a lot! because Jellyfish point, coin point will be maintained even after the game is over.


AppStore(iOS  free App)


GooglePlay(Android  free App)